In November of 2015 we took a group trip to DX Engineering in Ohio! The folks at DXE were expecting us and were ready to show us some of the latest items they have for sale. The staff really gave us the VIP treatment!

After picking up some goodies at DXE we were off to visit super contest station K3LR! Tim gave us a great tour of the antenna farm and station. Many thanks to Tim for accommodating us.

After our visit to K3LR we headed out for a fine lunch with Tim and some members of the Mercer County ARC. It was a great day and even the weather cooperated. We all went home with full bellies and some new toys. What could be better?

Again, thanks to the staff at DXE, Tim – K3LR and all that came along. It was a great way to spend the day.

In July of 2015 Skyview once again participated in the 13 Colonies special event operation. While we had a great time operating last year, this year blow it out of the water with over 2000 QSOs over last year’s total! Every year this special event keeps getting bigger both domestically and internationally.

We not only operated from our clubhouse during the event, but we were invited to operate from the K3LR contest super-station! Between all the ops working at K3LR we put over 2000 Qs in the log in one night alone! We worked stations in every state and every continent.

K3MJW won the Top Operators award and everyone had a really great time. The end of the event is not the end! We fill out around 1000 QSL cards in the aftermath of this operation. They will continue to arrive via the buro for a long time to come.

Many thanks to all our ops, as well as Tim, K3LR and especially Ken Villone, KU2US for all the hard work he puts into this GREAT event. MANY participants tell us how much they appreciate this celebration of our great county. Many thanks to all that worked us, as well as the other PA K2M stations and all the 13 colony stations. It was a blast. Until next year… Gob bless America and God bless out troops from Kilo 2 Mike

In May of 2015 we went star gazing at Wagman Observatory in Deer Lakes Park. The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh hosts free star parties periodically. Before it got dark we met for dinner and relaxed. Later we were treated to a wonderful night sky with many distant objects to see and admire. A great time was had by all. Many thanks to 3ap for the great event.

In July of 2015 Skyview hosted our annual ice cream social! We were blessed with great weather and had plenty of ice cream Ifor our many guests. Later on we had a wonderful evening sitting around the fire and enjoying the night sky. Many thanks to all that came out for this fun event.

In August of 2015 Skyview hosted our annual KORN Roast! The KORN is always picked the very same day is always delicious. We had a great crowd on hand and the weather was perfect. Some members brought up additional goodies to eat and share. The Skyview grill was hard at work. Many thanks to all that partook and especially Paul WA3LCY for the GREAT KORN!

The 2015 Skyview Swap N Shop is in the history books! We were again blessed with good weather. Skyview again hosted the ARRL WPA Section Convention. It was great to have the ARRL leadership on hand. Forums were held in the Skyview meeting room while great deals were to be had out in the flea market.

The folks from the North American QRP CW Club, NAQCC once again manned the Skyview radio room where they made MANY QRP contacts with 5 watts or less.

The Skyview kitchen crew was working hard making breakfasts and lunches including the famed Skyview Dipole Hotdog and Skyview Burgers.

Many fine items were available from our tailgaters as well as the Skyview table. MANY thanks to all that came out, the ARRL leadership that attended, Members of NAQCC, all the members and friends of Skyview that made our Swap N Shop possible. It was a great time.


Last Update November 15, 2015