Elmer Nights

Jody, K3JZD did a great elmer night talking about the use the the weak signal mode, JT-65. This was the first mode used for the Skyview Digital Challenge! Thank you Jody for a fine presentation.

 Do you have a radio-related question or need help troubleshooting a problem? Maybe you just need help programming a radio, or you're looking for advise on what gear to purchase.

Help is just around the corner at Skyview! Feel free to contact any of the following Skyview Radio Society Elmers. You're also welcome to give us a call on the K3MJW repeater (146.64-/131.8 PL) or visit us in person at the club. The best time to reach us on the repeater is after our weekly net, Thursday nights, which runs from 9 to 9:30 PM. And we're here at the club house from about 6:30 to at least 10 PM on Tuesday nights.

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Elmer Category


Bob Mente, KB3NUQ


kb3nuq@comcast.November Echo Tango
Phone: (412) 279-9016

Greg Dober, N3MVF

Echolink, APRS, Satellites,
HF propogation

n3mvf@yahoo.Charlie Oscar Mike

George Gross, N3GJ

Contesting, Dxing,
QSLs (Bureau, LOTW)

n3gj73@verizon.November Echo Tango
evenings 724-339-8547

Juan Manfredi, NA0B

SDR - Software Defined Radio
(FlexRadio, SoftRock, SDR-IQ) .

NA0B@arrl.November Echo Tango
412-956 4228

David Kleber, KB3FXI

Digital Sound Card Modes/Software:
PSK31, MFSK, Olivia, MT63, MixW, Multipsk

kb3fxi@yahoo.Charlie Oscar Mike

Bob Bastone, WC3O

CW help/training,
General Radio Questions

wc3o@arrl DOT net Echo Tango
Evenings 724-226-1069

Jeo McElhany, KR3P

Repeaters, Bandplans, Scanners

mch@nb.November Echo Tango

Joe Birsa, N3TTE

Circuit Theory, Electronics and Math
support for license exam questions

jjbirsa@yahoo.Charlie Oscar Mike

If you're a Skyview member, and would like to volunteer as an Elmer, please send an email to kb3fxi@yahoo.com with your name, call sign and the Elmer categories you're interested in. Don't worry about duplicating categories with another Elmer.

Last Update April 8, 2016