Donations to the Skyview Radio Society

Skyview Radio Society has been around since 1960. Since the very beginning we have relied on the kindness of fellow hams to keep this great club in the pink when it comes to money. Either though fund raising, raffle tickets, and donations we have always made ends meet. There have been some pretty lean times in the over 40 years of Skyview. We have always pulled through them. As time goes on, the taxes go up, heating oil goes up, and the list goes on, as you know. Also, after 40 year there are some much needed updates and maintenance that need done. While we are always working on gaining members, at $20.00 a member, that doesn't go very far. Every year we have to pray for good weather for our hamfest day :) It can be tough living from "pay check to pay check" so to speak.

It is no secret that the great majority of hams today are well aged. We are all getting there aren't we? Who is going to be the future of Amateur Radio? Who is going to step up to the bat? We are always trying to attract the youth of today and show them the wonders of radio. To show them what a great life-long hobby this is. The ARRL and other have made great progress in attracting young people into this hobby. With work, I think Amateur Radio will survive just fine.

So what is the bottom line of this article?

What has Skyview Radio Society meant to you over the years? It has been there for you. Will it be there for future generations? Will there be the sounds of contests and events, the thrill of that DX contact in a little room on top of Turkey Ridge Road? Did you take an exam here? Did you enjoy the fellowship of hams here? Did you enjoy the hamfests here?

So here's the deal.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to leave something to charities, why not benefit a club that has given YOU so much enjoyment over the years? Help others in the future, so that they might find what you found in Skyview Radio Society. We are not choosers, we are beggars. As you likely know, if we can get what we need for free or near free, we will. We have always operated at MAX efficiency. Like true hams.

Whether you can donate money or equipment. Any and all donations are much appreciated. It is what it takes to keep this great club in a position to take care of problems that arise, to progress and to stay with the times. With your help, Skyview can be an important part of Amateur Radio and the community.

There, we said it. Now you think about it.