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Tales from the Skyview basement
Welcome to the Skyview Radio Society 50th anniversary page!

50 years ago a group of active radio amateurs set out to start a new Ham club with the advantage and responsibility of having a full clubhouse. We have to wonder if, at the time, they envisioned that 50 years later their club would still be going strong. In that time Skyview has seen its share highs and lows. There are many great stories to be told about the times of this club from its beginnings straight through until today. There have been MANY people over those 50 years that have given their talents and abilities to add to the quality and capability of Skyview and to amateur radio. At this time we are very privileged to still have three charter members to thank, ask questions and listen to stories.

When reading old copies of the Q5er, the official newsletter of Skyview, it is interesting to find that the problems our predecessors dealt with are indeed the same issues we face today! How do we keep interest up? Who is going to take the lead on various projects? How are we going to obtain the funding needed? Who is going to cut the grass! There are lots of stories in the Q5er about antenna projects, tower projects, DX, contests, hamfests, Dayton Hamvention and more. Although the times and equipment have changed we share much with those who have come before us.

In recent years we have been very hard at work. We are STILL recovering from the microburst two years ago that did so much damage to the club grounds. The amount of work our members have done in the past two years is nothing short of incredible. We still strive to keep the clubhouse in a clean, proper and up to date condition. We are putting up new antennas and adding new equipment when we can. We try to be leaders in EMCOMM, contesting, Digital communications, public service and first class operating on the air. We have recently designed a companion Skyview logo that has a more modern look. We obtained a second callsign (WX3SKY) to allow more flexibility in contesting and EMCOMM. Skyview Radio Society is an ARRL appointed Official Emergency Station, an Official Relay Station and an ARRL Special Service club, involved in ARES and RACES. None of these accomplishments would be possible without the skills and dedication of our members.

Our membership is close to 100 and it is satisfying to see how many members on the roster add something to the club. If it is elmering, knowledge of RF, wood work, plumbing, HVAC, teaching, antennas, financial aid, donations or whatever, everyone has something to contribute. THAT is what makes a club work. Just as in the past we look for ways to keep interest up and to make people feel a sense of purpose within the club.

Enjoy the pictures and we hope to CU on the radio or at the clubhouse!


newspaper article

newspaper article

Last modified on July 17, 2010

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